Our History

The one hundred plus year history of this funeral service serving Anderson County and the surrounding area can be traced back to 1906.  J.B. Farris moved from Harris to Colony and established a funeral home there. He and his wife, Maude, served the people of Colony for four years before selling it to his brother, Orville Farris, and moving to Garnett in 1910.  Here, J.B. Farris joined with Leeper Adams and Adams Funeral Home, when the name changed to Farris-Adams Funeral Home.  Eventually, Farris purchased the business from Adams and changed the name again, this time to Farris Funeral Home.

J.B. and Maude were the parents of Dick Farris.  In the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, Dick purchased the funeral home from his parents and then the Colony business form his uncle..   

Marie Setter begn working for J.B. and Maude Farris family in their home as a you woman, the Farris family loved Marie and treated her as one of their own.  She married Reuben H. Feuerborn and he began working at the funeral home during WWII as Dick Farris and the embalmer, Don Byall, were called into duty for the war. He was a funeral director and embalmer working for the Farris’s until his death in 1956. Following the death of her husband, Marie then began working full time at the funeral home as bookkeeper and other tasks until her death in 1971.  Their son, Dudley R. Feuerborn worked at the funeral home part-time through high school, graduating in 1969 from KU Medical Center of Mortuary Science.  In 1975, he purchased the funeral home from Dick Farris and added Feuerborn making it, Farris-Feuerborn Memorial Chapel.  In 1995, Dudley built all new facilities at the Garnett location and then in 1997 the Colony facility was replaced with a new building.   Dudley's son, Reuben, began working at the funeral home in 1989 as a sophomore in high school.  Reuben earned his degree in mortuary science from Kansas City Kansas Community College in 1994.  He began his career in funeral service in Marion, Kansas, moving back to Garnett in 1999 and working for his father at Farris-Feuerborn Memorial Chapel, Garnett and Colony.  In July 2005, Dudley and Reuben purchased the Penwell-Gabel funeral home in Moran, Kansas. After 38 years of serving the patrons of Garnett and surronding areas, Dudley retired from the daily operations and sold the business to his son, Reuben D. Feuerborn in January 2007.  In July 2007 all locations were named Feuerborn Family Funeral Service.

Caring, Quality and Personal